Authentically You

Instagram for Brilliant, Ambitious, Introvert Entrepreneurs

As a personal brand, Authentically You helps you find your voice on Instagram and make sales in a way that feels right for you.

Module 1 gradually unfolds your brand stories to find out what makes your brand unique, we explore how to position your brand, your skills, strengths and find out what you want to be known for. You will learn how to create personal boundaries when it comes to sharing content which will feel like having a safety net when posting on Instagram. I will teach you how to fill your content buckets giving your brand clarity and purpose and giving you confidence and consistency in your content.

Module 2 is about building a clear picture of who your ideal client is, specifically how you and your services/products solve their problems. You will create a client profile and identify their pain points. You’ll top up your content buckets based on the problems you solve.

Module 3 helps you find your ideal clients on Instagram. You will learn how to research and use hashtags effectively. I will teach you the exact process that I use to get results for my marketing agency clients.


Module 4 teaches you how to create a positive sales mindset that gives you the confidence to sell to your audience in a way that makes you feel good. We do the maths and work out what numbers make your business sustainable, from there we create a growth strategy for Instagram that won’t drain your energy.​

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