Authentically You

Instagram for Brilliant, Ambitious Introverts

As a personal brand, Authentically You helps you find your voice on Instagram, make genuine connections, grow your audience and make sales in a way that feels right for you. It will challenge you to see your brand in a new light, taking a holistic approach to explore all the elements that make your brand, unfolding and sharing the stories that set your brand apart. 

Authentically You will challenge you to see your brand in a new light.

This is what you’ll get out of the course:

  • Brand clarity.

  • Communication with your audience will become easier.

  • Confidence and consistency in your content.

  • Your unique brand story.

  • Content ideas that set your brand apart.

  • Understand what your audience wants from your brand.

  • Be able to communicate to your audience how your brand solves their problems. 

  • A plan for Instagram sales and growth.

  • Learn how to create genuine connections and build a community on Instagram.

Module 1 

Your Unique Stories  ​​

  • Learn how to create personal boundaries when it comes to sharing content which will feel like having a safety net when posting on Instagram.

  • Explore your brand journey and unfold the stories that make your brand and set it apart.

  • Use specific types of content to position your brand.

  • Create and fill your content buckets with content ideas that are unique to your brand.

Module 2 

Who You Help and How You Help

  • Build a clear picture of your ideal client.

  • How do you and your services/products solve their problems.

  • Create a client profile and identify their pain points.

  • Define how your ideal client sees your brand.

  • Your brand voice and style of communication. 

  • Top up your content buckets with ideas based on the problems you solve.

Module 3 

Finding Your Ideal Clients On Instagram

  • You will learn how to research and use hashtags effectively. I will teach you the exact process that I use to get results for my marketing agency clients. ​

  • Working the algorithm. 

  • Learn how to use Instagram Insights to track your success.

Module 4

A Strategy That Feels Right For You 

  • Create a positive sales mindset that will give you the confidence to sell to your audience.

  • We do the maths and work out what numbers make your business sustainable.

  • Create a growth strategy for Instagram that, as an introvert, won’t drain your energy. 


This course is right for you if:

  • You are at the beginning of your business.

  • You are a few years into your business and you are struggling with your brand identity.

  • Your audience isn't connecting with your brand. 

  • You want to find what sets your brand apart from the competition.

  • You want to invite your audience into your brand story.

  • You struggle with content ideas and don't know what to post to Instagram.

  • You worry about how much of your story you should share as a personal brand.

  • You want to be focused and intentional when using Instagram.

  • You want to make sales in a way that feels natural for you.

  • You want to grow your audience on Instagram organically.

  • You want to get into the head of your ideal client and understand how you can help them.

Course details:


Authentically You is a four week course, but don’t worry you will not be going it alone! The course is delivered through a combination of face to face group sessions and self led tasks that you can complete at your own pace . You will have the opportunity to ask me questions via weekly group Zoom calls, every Thursday 8pm - 8.45pm GMT. You will also have the support of your community in a closed Facebook group. 

There are four modules and each one is broken down into shorter tasks so you can easily fit them into your week.

Each task takes around 30 - 60 minutes so you can break them up or you can do them all at once, this shouldn’t take more than  2 hours a week. You are learning at your own pace and you’ll have lifetime access to the course material.  

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Kind words about previous courses


Leanne, @the_mintt_

Simple Vision has made me put my wellbeing back at the centre of my business and uncovered my own personal business story. 

Lisa has made the modules gradually unfold the stories and ideas I’d forgotten along the way and has really helped me get out of my business “funk” and align my values again. 

Can’t recommend this enough to those who feel they may have lost their way when it comes to their own business.  


Nicola, @nicola.ladd

Lisa's course has been so great, her minimal approach really helped me hone in on what I want from my life and business without being overwhelming.


I feel like finally, two and a half years after trying to start my business, I have an idea of what I really want to do.

Natalia, @gouttesessentielles

What I loved the most about Simple Vision was the fact that Lisa shares her own story so openly, making the exercises even more relatable and easy to understand. It is refreshing to join a course where the person leading it has actually gone through the process and done the work.


I can’t recommend it enough!

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