Hello, I’m Lisa and this is little Harry, we live with my husband and daughter Evie, who’s 6 years old, at the Paintworks, an area known as Bristol’s Creative Quarter.

Mum Does Design is really a description of myself. In fact it was something my daughter said when describing me to one of her friends and it’s a good description of what I do. I started Mum Does Design in late 2017 but it’s been in the making for many years and a combination of events after becoming a mum set me on course to interior design and starting my own business.

The biggest turning point for me was developing postnatal depression when my daughter was 1 year old. To help my recovery I focused on my wellbeing and happiness and I decided to make some life changing decisions about leaving my job as a textiles teacher and doing what I felt I was always meant to do, interior design. I have a BA (Hons) degree in interior textiles and surface pattern design and I have worked in textile production so the move into interior design felt very natural.

Recovering from postnatal depression was a life changing process and part of the recovery for me was changing my surroundings. I started designing the rooms in my home around how I wanted to feel in the space. My home needs to reflect my personality and make a statement about who we are as a family. For me that meant thinking about how to add pockets of calm and sanctuary to a very lively and vibrant home. Of course it’s not all about me, I wanted the kids to have their own unique bedrooms that would nurture their interests and grow with them over time.

I want to help women who like me want their homes to really reflect who they are and the needs of their family. I design personal and affordable interiors, sourcing from online high street retailers and smaller independent stores. I offer e-design so you don’t have to live nearby to work with me, of course if you’d prefer to work one to one, then I’d love to meet with you.

Lisa x